Red Jacket Aqua Fun Park | Twin Waters, Sunshine Coast RED JACKET Aqua Fun Park - Worlds largest Aqua Fun Park Slide

Red Jacket | Maroochydore Aqua Fun Park | Sunshine Coast


Extreme levels of fun may be experienced during this event. Other water parks may appear less exciting
after experiencing the fun and excitement at Red Jacket.

Can you keep up? at the

 Red Jacket Sunshine Coast Aqua Fun Park

$15PP for 50 minutes
$25PP for 100 minutes
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Plenty of parking available and plenty of facilities at the resort! Simply follow the Aqua Fun Park signage at the resort.

“This was such good fun no matter what your age. For about 2-3 days afterwards you will feel muscles you didn’t know were there. This is a great workout if you want it to be, or you can just take it slow and easy.”
“Wow, it was brilliant to see the big original Aqua fun Park slides back. The shelters, tables and bbq’s are excellent and it’s now set in the most picturesque setting, relaxing. We did enjoy the cleaner Water at this one and atmosphere is friendly.”
“This is the best of the three waterparks in my view. I came with a Youth group, we all had a ball. I thought it was going to be just for children we all enjoyed it. Lot’s of spills and laughs! An awesome venue for large groups. Seems to be improving each year”
“Love the new setup, so handy being able to drive closer to the Park, unlike last season. The Shelters work well making it ideal for our end of year break up. So close to the beach, should have bought my board.. Only a 3minute walk to Twin Waters Surf Club.”

Aqua Fun Park Sunshine Coast

Aqua Fun park Twin Waters

Aqua Fun Park has moved from Coolum – Maroochydore


2017 Trip Advisor Travellers’ Choice Award

Red Jacket receives the  2017 Trip Advisor Travellers Choice Award for Water Park Amusements. This puts Red Jacket into the Top 25 Amusement Parks in the South Pacific and Australia. Travellers' Choice awards are the highest honor Trip Advisor [...]

Easter with Red Jacket Aqua Fun Park

EASTER at Red Jacket Aqua Fun Park should be on your "To do list" during this Easter holiday break. The Lobster has arrived for the holidays which is Red Jackets'  newest attraction.  Red Jacket is [...]


WOW FREE SESSIONS! On Thursday March 2nd from 12pm till closing. TV extras are needed. A US TV show that features Water Parks from around the World is specially coming out to film our Worlds [...]