The Lobster is coming.  Red Jacket Aqua Park  long awaited Lobster is finally on it’s way. Due to arrive on the dock on the 6th of March! 

Red Jacket Aqua Park is perhaps Sunshine Coasts best secret,  relocated to Novotel Twin Waters Resort beautiful Lagoon.

Why is it called  “Lobster, because we think it looks like a Lobster when looking down on it. 

The Lobster is the first combo Slide design to be released from over 40 new generation designs. Developed for the release of our new Aqua Fun Park at Coolum. Unfortunately we were blocked and forced to relocate preventing the release of this wonderful new Park.

The “Lobster” incorporates a double climbing wall, a jump station / blast bag and a two lane slide. On the water, it stretches out to around 30m. We have changed the angle of attack on the slide to make it stepper and faster. We can also add a jump option for the end of the slide for those special occasions, please sign the wavier first!

The Lobster incorporates some Patents which are currently Pending.  We look forward to its arrival early next month which it has sat on the factory floor for the last year.

Inflatable Parks are catching on around the world and becoming very popular here in Australia with a number of Aqua Parks now coping our original concept. Red Jacket Aqua Park was one of the first companies to introduce a circuit Inflatable Park into Australia 6 years ago. Normally operating with our own designs, we are now currently operating with a customised Wibit Park from Germany, wth a few of our old slides from our Coolum, Bli Bli Parks. Now relocated at Novotel Twin Waters Resort our customised Wibit Park sets itself apart from any other Inflatable Park in Australia, having one of the longest obstacle runs floating on water in the World.

Red Jacket Aqua Park is suited for all ages, which is surprising when most people think it’s just for the kids, but when

you also have the World’s tallest floating slide towering above the standard water park you can see why the water park offers plenty of spins and spills for everyone.

We have also managed to keep our pricing the same for the last 6 years. $15 for 50 minutes or $25 for 100 minutes, keeping it affordable for most families. Making it a perfect place to have a Birthday Party.

Sporting clubs and Youth groups find it wonderful way to end the season, there are not many fun activities that can handle so many people at the same time.

More photos coming once we have the Lobster floating. 

The Red Jacket Team can’t wait!

Look out the Lobster arrives in March to our shores