Platter Order Form

Basic Share Platter: Ideal for younger guests with chef’s selection including sausage rolls, party pies and small finger food bites with sauce accompaniment.
Cost: $45.00 per platter (feeds 20 people) OR $60.00 per platter (feeds 30 people)
Mixed Hot Platter: Perfect party selection with chefs selection including fried Calamari Rings,Cocktail Spring rolls,dim sims,French Fries,Potato Wedges and dipping sauces.
Cost: $60.00 per platter (feeds 30 people)
Sandwich Platter: Delicious chef’s selection of popular sandwich and wraps served with fresh fillings and the ultimate people platter.
Cost: $60.00 per platter (feeds 30 people)
Fruit Platter: Assortment of freshly prepared mixed fruit, pre-cut for bite sized pieces, perfect for a snack or healthy lunch option.
Cost: $60.00 per platter (feeds 30 people)

Payment: A credit Card must be supplied at time of booking. Payment will be taken on the day

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